5/10/2003 12:15:48 PM

Note: For some reason, when I logged the chat, the subject of actions (in purple text) are not listed.  Only an asterisk is shown, so you have no idea who actually did the action.  Sorry about that.  I'm not sure why that happened.  Oh, and thanks to Sabina for providing the first section of the chat from before I logged in.  Once again, Sabina saves the day.    

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[16:52]<TacticoStormwind> I'm going to join the Civil Air Patrol as soon as I get in contact with them
[16:52]<Shoka> Good luck tac. If the sucess rate is as low as it is for fighter pilots in UK the ods against getting in are huge.
[16:53]<TacticoStormwind> Makes me want it even more
[16:53]<Hawklady> Where do you live Haut?
[16:53]<hautdesert> In St. Louis.
[16:55]<Shoka> Hey its a great ambition to aspire to Tac. Just that in UK at least less than 1 in 1000 actully get to fly jets
[16:55]<Hawklady> Is that southern US - I'm not too good on geograhy I'm afraid
[16:55]<hautdesert> I gather it's pretty competetive here, too.
[16:56]<hautdesert> It's in the middle--sort of on the border of north and south. Most st. louisans consider themselves midwesterners, some folks in the north think we're southern, but no southerner would make that mistake.
[16:57]<TacticoStormwind> Heh I live in Alabama, so I know I'm in the South
[16:57]<TacticoStormwind> And sorry I never answered you back with any comments Hawk I minimized WinJabber and forgot about it, lol
[16:57]<TacticoStormwind> Talk about a one track mind
[16:58]<Hawklady> Ok - Its probably a little like living in the north of England when you have a southern English accent, like me
[16:59]<Hawklady> Only one track, Tac - looks like both lanes to me :-)
[16:59]<hautdesert> I had someone in Ireland ask me, "Is it near Conecticut, or San Francisco?" So your geography isn't as bad as it could be.
[16:59]<hautdesert> It's sort of like that. If you leave the city, the state (especially the southern part) can be pretty southern. We're enough on the border to have feet in both sides, I guess.
[17:00]<hautdesert> But everyone thinks we belong somewhere else.
[17:00]<TacticoStormwind> Heh
[17:00]<hautdesert> Yeah, Tac, alabama is pretty southern!
[17:01]<Shoka> Where are the res do you think?
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[18:05]<hautdesert> It's early yet. They may not have logged on. My client said CK was online, but he hasn't responded to my hail.
[18:05]<hautdesert> Hi, Sabina! speak of the devil!
[18:05]<Hawklady> Hi Sabina
[18:05]<Shoka> Keyboard cant spell again. Where are the rest?
[18:06]<hautdesert> probably still firing up their computers.
[18:06]<sabina> 'Allo
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[18:06]<Shoka> Ahh Hi Sabina
[18:06]<EupathicImpulse> Greetings
[18:06]<TacticoStormwind> Oh do you guys wanna know something friggin awesome that I did at Six Flags?!?!?!?! If not I'm probably going to tell you anyway, lol ;-)
[18:06]<hautdesert> Yo! Eu!
[18:06]<Hawklady> Shoka and I have been chatting for quite a while - we were wondering if we'd got the right room.
[18:07]<EupathicImpulse> Yes, it is I, Impulse +)
[18:07]<Shoka> Looks like those who know what they are doing have started to arrive. Must be the right room after all.
[18:07]<Hawklady> Hi EI
[18:07]<EupathicImpulse> I managed to get it working with Tkabber. Instructions are a little different from the WinJab ones.
[18:07]<TacticoStormwind> I went into this place where you could play Virtual reality games. You put the helmet on and it's like you were in that world. You had to move around to actually look around and stuff. Omg those first person shooter games were so awesome. Ok I'm done
[18:08]<EupathicImpulse> Though it is a little unstable and I get silly errors from time to time.
[18:08]<hautdesert> I was wondering about that. It acn be kind of confusing at first--I'm glad tkabber worked!
[18:08]<Hawklady> Sounds like it was good fun anyway Tac
[18:08]<TacticoStormwind> Yes, it was great
[18:08]<Hawklady> Have you played paintball at all - my sone used to love it.
[18:08]<TacticoStormwind> I probably spent a good 2 and a half hours in there
[18:08]<hautdesert> yeah, i had to try a couple of clients, myself, until I found one that worked. Winjab seems pretty stable. mostly.
[18:09]<TacticoStormwind> No, I've been wanting to Paintball badly though
[18:09]<EupathicImpulse> I avoid pain. Paintball sounds painful.
[18:09]<Hawklady> Do you have to be 18 to play it though?
[18:09]<TacticoStormwind> MIRC, is a good alternative to WinJabber
[18:09]<TacticoStormwind> Not in America...
[18:09]<sabina> I like IRC
[18:09]<EupathicImpulse> I prefer IRC too.
[18:10]<Shoka> I'm as usual running a linux client. Gaim with te jabber add-on seems ok
[18:10]<EupathicImpulse> How do you get /me commands here?
[18:10]   * TacticoStormwind runs
[18:10]<Hawklady> I am using winjabber - it closed the link on me earlier, but seems to be OK now
[18:10]   * EupathicImpulse I see.
[18:10]<EupathicImpulse> I like Tkabber because it's Tcl/tk and can therefore run anywhere.
[18:10]   * TacticoStormwind has changed the subject to: Tactico= Your king
[18:10]<TacticoStormwind> Haha, forgot you coulddo that
[18:11]<TacticoStormwind> could do*
[18:11]<EupathicImpulse> :)
[18:11]<EupathicImpulse> ;)
[18:11]<EupathicImpulse> :atevi
[18:11]<EupathicImpulse> Nope.
[18:11]<EupathicImpulse> I wonder if that could be set up. Hmm.
[18:12]<Hawklady> I can't do smileys either :-(
[18:12]<sabina> I don't think smileys are possible
[18:12]<EupathicImpulse> Tkabber does graphical smileys, but I suppose we haven't added the Shejidan smileys.
[18:12]<TacticoStormwind> Well I've got to go to get ready to go to my friends house
[18:12]<Hawklady> At least they don't show as such on my browser
[18:12]<EupathicImpulse> I am seeing your smileys as pictures.
[18:12]<TacticoStormwind> I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer
[18:12]<EupathicImpulse> Quite similar to the EZboard ones.
[18:12]<Hawklady> Are you going somewhere nice?
[18:13]   * TacticoStormwind has changed the subject to: Tactico loves you all!!!!!!!!!
[18:13]<TacticoStormwind> See you guys later!
[18:13]<EupathicImpulse> So I was wondering if people had added them or it was just the authors of Tkabber.
[18:13]<Shoka> Ta Ta Tac. Luck with the pilot ambition.
[18:13]<EupathicImpulse> See you.
[18:13]<TacticoStormwind> Heh thanks
[18:13]<Hawklady> Bye Tac!
[18:13]<sabina> Just Tkabber
[18:13]   %% TacticoStormwind has left
[18:13]<EupathicImpulse> Oh! A tkabber barf!
[18:13]<hautdesert> it myst by tkabber, I don't have them
[18:13]<EupathicImpulse> I'm going to count them.
[18:14]<hautdesert> I don't know what me commands are--there's something you can do, though, to do actinos that I always forget
[18:14]<EupathicImpulse> It took me a while to upgrade my Tcl/tk to get it working.
[18:14]   * hautdesert tests the action
[18:14]<EupathicImpulse> It's just regular /me.
[18:14]   * hautdesert discovers Eu is correct.
[18:14]<EupathicImpulse> I think there is some IRC compatibility.
[18:15]<hautdesert> yes, if the server has the right software on it. It can also communicate with AIM and MSN--if the stars are all lined up correctly.
[18:15]<sabina> IRC is possible, but difficult at best
[18:15]<EupathicImpulse> If I spoke Tcl/tk I'd fix these barfings.
[18:15]   * EupathicImpulse has forgotten his Tcl/tk. Did it in high school for a summer job.
[18:16]<Shoka> does his come out as a smiley =-O
[18:16]   * hautdesert is impressed. a few cgi programs in perl is the most she's ever done.
[12:12 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Ah, perl. I had to use it for a text mining project this last semester.
[12:12 PM]<EupathicImpulse> A good thing about Tkabber is that the barfings don't really terminate use.
[12:13 PM]<hautdesert> yeah, i'm told it's great for working with text. I used it to make an automated Fog Indexer. I was very proud of myself.
[12:13 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I think one of the selling points of tcl/tk is that it is robust.
[12:14 PM]<hautdesert> I also used it for the Foreigner quote of the day.
[12:14 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I used it to render a bunch of movie reviews into various minable forms, each a different experiment in text classification. Trying to figure out what words are reliable predictors of a bad review.
[12:14 PM]<EupathicImpulse> haut: used what?
[12:15 PM]<Shoka> For the terminally confused TCL/TC is a programming language, as is Perl
[12:15 PM]<Hawklady> All these technical abbrviations are fascinating - I've only done a very basic computer training so have no idea what most of that means
[12:15 PM]<hautdesert> perl
[12:15 PM]<Hawklady> Hi Ansi!
[12:15 PM]<Ansikalden> Hi!
[12:15 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Tkabber barf! That's three in ten minutes!
[12:15 PM]<hautdesert> hi, ansi!
[12:15 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Hi!
[12:15 PM]<sabina> Hello Ansi
[12:15 PM]<Shoka> Hi Ansi
[12:15 PM]<Ansikalden> I figured the time wrong...
[12:16 PM]<EupathicImpulse> There's a module for perl that turns it into proper Latin.
[12:15 PM]TacticoStormwind has set the topic to: Tactico loves you all!!!!!!!!!
[12:15 PM]CKTC has joined
[12:15 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It's brilliant.
[12:15 PM]<Hawklady> Hi CK!
[12:16 PM]<hautdesert> hi CK!
[12:16 PM]<CKTC> Hello!
[12:16 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Ah, CK-aiji.
[12:16 PM]<Shoka> Wahoo Welcome Aiji-Ma
[12:16 PM]<CKTC> Sorry, folks. I'm getting lunch. BRB in about 2 minutes okay?
[12:16 PM]<CKTC> Thanks!
[12:16 PM]<EupathicImpulse> De rien, as they say in French.
[12:16 PM]<hautdesert> Lunch! Like eating is more important than us!!!
[12:16 PM]<EupathicImpulse> He *is* the aiji.
[12:16 PM]<Hawklady> So?
[12:16 PM]<EupathicImpulse> [b]is[/b]
[12:16 PM]<Shoka> More like Tea this side of the Atlantic
[12:17 PM]<Ansikalden> CK needs his food.
[12:17 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I just had breakfast, and it's lunch time now.
[12:17 PM]<hautdesert> does it take html ? <i>is</i>
[12:17 PM]<hautdesert> Nope, no html
[12:17 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I had instant oatmeal. Quaker peaches and creme.
[12:18 PM]<Hawklady> We just had lunch, and its tea-time now!
[12:18 PM]<EupathicImpulse> What's the IRC bold command?
[12:18 PM]<hautdesert> It's lunch time here, but I haven't eaten anything.
[12:18 PM]<sabina> Almost supper
[12:18 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I suspect it might work.
[12:18 PM]<Ansikalden> Just ate dinner.
[12:18 PM]<Shoka> No no no its Tea time :-D
[12:18 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Wow, those smileys really do look like EZboard smileys.
[12:18 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Wonder if they stole them.
[12:19 PM]<hautdesert> it's control b
[12:19 PM]<hautdesert> but it doesn't work
[12:19 PM]<EupathicImpulse> No, won't work here either.
[12:19 PM]<hautdesert> Just looked it up on google
[12:19 PM]<Shoka> Hey EI does that show as a smiley to you then
[12:19 PM]<Hawklady> All I see is the keyed in characters :-(
[12:19 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Yes, it does.
[12:19 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Someone programmed in smileys in Tkabber.
[12:19 PM]<EupathicImpulse> They are suspiciously similar to the EZboard ones.
[12:20 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Oh, brb...hopefully.
[12:20 PM]<hautdesert> There's a sort of stock of basic smileys
[12:21 PM]Ansikalden has left
[12:21 PM]<Shoka> I can do O:-) :-D :-! :-X :'( :-[ :-* :-$ :-( =-O :-) 8-)' :-/ :-P ;-) >:o
[12:21 PM]<CKTC> Hey, food is very important!
[12:21 PM]<CKTC> :D
[12:21 PM]<CKTC> Weird. These emoticons are funny looking.
[12:22 PM]<Hawklady> Yes, that's why we ate first!
[12:22 PM]<CKTC> Heh. I said I was sorry!
[12:22 PM]<Shoka> Is anybody using Winjabber seeing the smileys
[12:22 PM]<CKTC> *Munches on sandwich.*
[12:22 PM]<CKTC> I do.
[12:22 PM]<hautdesert> I don't have emoticons--just text smileys
[12:22 PM]<CKTC> I'm using Exodus actually.
[12:22 PM]<hautdesert> CK, are you using windjab?
[12:22 PM]<hautdesert> Ah, the mystery solved.
[12:23 PM]<CKTC> Yeah. I had to re-download since my computer crashed sometime after the last chat.
[12:23 PM]<CKTC> Exodus works very well. It's easy to use, so far.
[12:23 PM]<Hawklady> Perhaps I should try that for the next chat
[12:23 PM]<CKTC> Is anyone trapped at the boards? Seems we always have someone not able to get into the chat.
[12:24 PM]<CKTC> I'm glad you folks could make it on such short notice, btw.
[12:24 PM]<sabina> Exodus didn't like me
[12:24 PM]<CKTC> It didn't? D'oh!
[12:24 PM]<hautdesert> ^Btesting
[12:24 PM]<hautdesert> didn't work
[12:24 PM]<CKTC> Huh?
[12:24 PM]<Shoka> No Susan. Was she expected ?
[12:25 PM]<CKTC> No Cory either.
[12:25 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Back.
[12:25 PM]<CKTC> Hullo, EI :)
[12:25 PM]<Hawklady> Or Col
[12:25 PM]<hautdesert> Trying to get bolded text. I'm surprised Susan isn't here, maybe she'll show up.
[12:25 PM]<Hawklady> Or Spense
[12:25 PM]<hautdesert> They might be along in awhile.
[12:25 PM]Ansikalden has joined
[12:25 PM]<CKTC> Hmm. I think I'll go post a thread for the Lost.
[12:25 PM]<hautdesert> having trouble, ansi?
[12:26 PM]<Ansikalden> A glitch...
[12:26 PM]<EupathicImpulse> So I took up a recommendation in the Better Than Sex forum and started reading Kristine Smith's idomeni trilogy.
[12:26 PM]<hautdesert> is it any good?
[12:26 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It's quite good for an author's first attempt.
[12:26 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It's a little confusing at times, because she does the Julian May hindsight thing without Julian May's skill.
[12:26 PM]<Ansikalden> I think so too, EI.
[12:27 PM]<sabina> One of my profs said that the word "glitch" is borrowed from German, but I have no idea from which word
[12:27 PM]<Shoka> By the end of a trilogy, you can hardly call ita first attempt
[12:27 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I only read the first book.
[12:27 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I'm just starting the second.
[12:27 PM]<hautdesert> second books of trilogys are usually better.
[12:27 PM]<hautdesert> trilogies
[12:27 PM]<hautdesert> trilobites
[12:28 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Trying to reconstruct the main character's history is kind of a puzzle, because she only lets it out in bits and piece...a tad awkwardly.
[12:28 PM]<Shoka> Hey no Mule either
[12:28 PM]<Hawklady> Or Shlinas
[12:28 PM]<hautdesert> It's better tahn a huge infodump, but hard to manage gracefully.
[12:28 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It is better than an infodump. I'd like to know more of the history of the Families, though.
[12:28 PM]<CKTC> Some folks might not know it's today. It was pretty short notice, the chat announcement.
[12:29 PM]<CKTC> Never read anything by that author or by Julian May.
[12:29 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I strongly strongly strongly recommend Julian May.
[12:29 PM]<Shoka> Trilobites come in three pieces Head - Thorax - Abdomen:-D
[12:29 PM]<Hawklady> Nor me, Ck
[12:29 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Though Kristine Smith is more Foreigner-ish.
[12:29 PM]<CKTC> I'll keep May in mind, though I don't have time to read much lately.
[12:30 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I have to read or I'll go insane +)
[12:30 PM]<CKTC> So maybe I'm insane. Ack!
[12:30 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Ack!
[12:30 PM]<hautdesert> i can't read much right now, too busy sppitting stuff out.
[12:30 PM]<CKTC> Spitting?
[12:30 PM]<hautdesert> but i have to have someting to read, or I loose it, too
[12:30 PM]<CKTC> Spitting?!?
[12:30 PM]<hautdesert> I'm determined to finsihs this draft by the end of june.
[12:31 PM]<EupathicImpulse> You may have noticed that I just reread the Faded Sun books...while I was under a horrible time crunch.
[12:31 PM]<EupathicImpulse> ck: fine, churning
[12:31 PM]<CKTC> Churning what? Am I missing something?
[12:31 PM]<Shoka> Thomas Covenant was Julin May ? The golden torq
[12:31 PM]<hautdesert> ah, churning is much better. I was trying to be more polite than "barfing"
[12:31 PM]<CKTC> Oh my.
[12:31 PM]<CKTC> Are you sick, haut?
[12:31 PM]<hautdesert> Isendeni Statino.
[12:31 PM]<hautdesert> no, I'm not sick.
[12:31 PM]<CKTC> Oh, writing! Why didn'tcha say so?
[12:32 PM]<CKTC> Heh!
[12:32 PM]<CKTC> I have to finish reading that someday.
[12:32 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Thomas Covenant is by Stephen R Donaldson.
[12:32 PM]<hautdesert> Nah, wait until I have this draft. It's changed a lot.
[12:32 PM]<hautdesert> gack! Thonmas Covenant!
[12:32 PM]<CKTC> I think I read something by Donaldson once, long ago. I wasn't too thrilled with it.
[12:32 PM]<CKTC> Oh, okay, haut.
[12:32 PM]<Shoka> Ah yess sorry Blaming May for Donalsons sins is hardy fair
[12:32 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I read both trilogies. They are rather depressing.
[12:33 PM]<EupathicImpulse> The Gap is extremely depressing. I went to the end of it, though I could hardly stand it any more.
[12:33 PM]<hautdesert> depressing is an understatement. So would be saying TC is an unsympathetic character.
[12:33 PM]<EupathicImpulse> He wasn't supposed to be sympathetic, though.
[12:33 PM]<Shoka> Failed to finish the few I started. Not on my recommended list.
[12:33 PM]<hautdesert> true, but he was just enough over the edge I couldn't stand to be in the same place with him.
[12:33 PM]<Ansikalden> The Donaldson succeeded
[12:33 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I did find the second book of the second series to be the best, though. I really felt for him, for the fist time.
[12:34 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Covenant is an anti-hero. You're supposed to hate him.
[12:34 PM]<hautdesert> Really!? I didn't make it that far. Just the first three.
[12:34 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Yes, I think the second trilogy is much better than the first.
[12:34 PM]<EupathicImpulse> The whole "sunbane" thing was very clever.
[12:35 PM]<Ansikalden> But TC was much the same
[12:35 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Yes, he was the same (anti)Christ figure.
[12:35 PM]<hautdesert> an anti hero is difficult--the reader has to find some reason to stay with the character, even though s/he's not sympathetic. A hard balancing act. the scales tipped too far, for me. I know lots of perfectly intelligent folks whose taste I respect who really like those books,though.
[12:35 PM]<EupathicImpulse> But viewing him through the eyes of the doctor was more interesting. And the whole Waynhim/elohim was also very good too.
[12:36 PM]<hautdesert> viewing him through the eyes of the doctor--that would be much better. tc makes a difficult viewpoint character.
[12:36 PM]<EupathicImpulse> May is completely different. She wrote three interconnected series (each one has the other two in hindsight, very clever) based on Catholic philosophical themes.
[12:36 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Teilhardian stuff.
[12:37 PM]<CKTC> Julian May is a woman?
[12:37 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Yes.
[12:37 PM]<CKTC> Oh.
[12:37 PM]<EupathicImpulse> She wrote the last trilogy 15 years after the first quadrology. However, the first quadrology refers to fine details of the last trilogy, and it is *perfectly* consistent.
[12:37 PM]<Shoka> Sounds better, Ill remove the subconcious association with Donaldson, and try again
[12:38 PM]<EupathicImpulse> She too has a sort of anti-hero, but much better painted.
[12:39 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I want to get my hands on Robert Sawyer's Neanderthal Parallax trilogy. New.
[12:39 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Robert Sawyer: one dose male midlife crisis, another dose typically self-conscious Canadiana, another dose oh-so-clever driving idea.
[12:40 PM]<Ansikalden> I've been thinking about them but not yet bought them.
[12:40 PM]<hautdesert> he was at midsouthcon
[12:40 PM]<EupathicImpulse> So I heard.
[12:40 PM]<hautdesert> very pleasant, i was intrigued to read his books.
[12:40 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I also want to read Atwood's Oryx and Crake. Why doesn't she just admit it? She's a SF writer!
[12:40 PM]<hautdesert> Oh, no, that would be terrible!
[12:40 PM]<hautdesert> to be an sf writer!
[12:41 PM]<CKTC> Those crazy sf writers...
[12:41 PM]<Shoka> And kiss her market goodbye?
[12:41 PM]<hautdesert> why would anyone in their right minds admit to that sort of trivial, escapist writing.
[12:41 PM]<hautdesert> excactly, shoka
[12:41 PM]<Ansikalden> It's highest praise
[12:41 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Oryx and Crake, by the interviews with her I've seen on the radio, is extremely Foreignerish.
[12:41 PM]<hautdesert> thousand of people read SF as long as its not called sf. call it sf, and those same people wouldn't touch it with a ten ft pole.
[12:41 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I mean, there's a human character surrounded by humanoid-but-emotionally-changed creatures.
[12:41 PM]<CKTC> Sounds interesting.
[12:42 PM]<hautdesert> atwood's a good writer, too.
[12:42 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Granted, they were once human and modified by GM, but still.
[12:42 PM]<EupathicImpulse> But it fits right into a very large genre of SF dystopias.
[12:42 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Like, of course, the Handmaid's Tale...
[12:43 PM]<CKTC> *Realizes how woefully unread he is.*
[12:43 PM]<Shoka> Most of the "horror" I've looked at is Fantasy maskerading as something else for marketing reasons.
[12:43 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Yes.
[12:44 PM]<EupathicImpulse> So I made the mistake of going to see Bulletproof Monk.
[12:44 PM]<hautdesert> Was it good?
[12:44 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It was like a bunch of still pictures of stereotypes.
[12:44 PM]<CKTC> D'oh! Why?
[12:44 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Just one after the other.
[12:44 PM]<CKTC> I love HK action movies, and I didn't see Bulletproof Monk. The trailer looked horrible.
[12:44 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It is truly horrible.
[12:44 PM]<hautdesert> I found some stuff atwood wrote about Oryx and Crake--her reason it's not SF--get this--Like The Handmaid's Tale, Oryx and Crake is a speculative fiction, not a science fiction proper. It contains no intergalactic space travel, no teleportation, no Martians. As with The Handmaid's Tale, it invents nothing we haven't already invented or started to invent. Every novel begins with a what if, and then sets forth its axioms. The what if of Oryx and Crake is simply, What if we continue down the road we're already on? How slippery is the slope? What are our saving graces? Who's got the will to stop us?
[12:44 PM]<hautdesert> is where it's at.
[12:45 PM]<hautdesert> She's working with a bad definition, seems to me.
[12:45 PM]<EupathicImpulse> She is. Just for marketing reasons.
[12:45 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Doris Lessing wasn't afraid of SF.
[12:45 PM]<hautdesert> It's literature, you see. The same way 1984 and Brave New World aren't SF.
[12:45 PM]<Shoka> Nah she's working with a saleable definition...
[12:45 PM]* thinks unread is better than undead
[12:45 PM]<hautdesert> I've heard she should have been, though.
[12:45 PM]<CKTC> LOL, Ansi.
[12:46 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Did you know that two of her SF novels were made into operas by Philip Glass. And I looked for recordings of them, but they aren't published.
[12:46 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Yes, she got flak at the time for her Canopus in Argos books.
[12:46 PM]<hautdesert> Well, she's right if she's afraid she'll lose readership if she calls it SF. She's wrong that SF is "martians and intergalactic space travel."
[12:46 PM]<CKTC> Philip Glass isn't exactly a household name.
[12:46 PM]<hautdesert> Really? I never heard that.
[12:46 PM]<Ansikalden> Like Lessing, started with the SF and read her other books too.
[12:46 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Other operas of his are available.
[12:46 PM]<hautdesert> He's pretty close, CK.
[12:46 PM]<CKTC> Not where I live. :)
[12:46 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Akhnaten, for instance.
[12:46 PM]<hautdesert> Einstein on the Beach, Satyagraha, Akhnaten
[12:47 PM]<hautdesert> Go rent Koyanisqaatsi, if you can find it, CK.
[12:47 PM]<EupathicImpulse> But, alas, not The Making of the Representative For Planet 8.
[12:47 PM]<CKTC> I've not seen that one, but I did see Baraka.
[12:47 PM]<hautdesert> 1000 airplanes on the roof?
[12:47 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Nor the Marriages Between Zones 3, 4, and 5.
[12:47 PM]<CKTC> I don't know who did the usic for that though.
[12:47 PM]<CKTC> music.
[12:47 PM]<CKTC> Ack!
[12:47 PM]<CKTC> Typo.
[12:48 PM]<hautdesert> I've got Einstein on the Beach and Aknaten, but not S.
[12:48 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Of the Canopus in Argos series, the Sirian Experiments were the best.
[12:48 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I've heard bits of Akhnaten and the other two.
[12:48 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I have the Civil Wars on hold at the library.
[12:48 PM]<CKTC> I've wanted to see Koyaanisqaatsi for a while, but never got around to it. Baraka was cool.
[12:48 PM]<hautdesert> I like Aknated a lot. Einstein takes a bit more work
[12:48 PM]<hautdesert> It's hailing!
[12:48 PM]<CKTC> Saw that on the large screen in College.
[12:49 PM]<CKTC> It was thunderstorming all night here. For a while, I thought I wouldn't be able to use the computer today.
[12:49 PM]<EupathicImpulse> You know, do you ever fantasize about showing human operas to an atevi audience?
[12:49 PM]<hautdesert> We had tornadoes to the north this morning, now it's hailing here and hautgirl and Mr. Haut are out "just going to the bank." But they must have decided tostp somewhere else, they've been gone awhile.
[12:49 PM]<hautdesert> Oh, good lord, yes!
[12:49 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I do all the time, you know.
[12:49 PM]<Ansikalden> Actually no :p
[12:49 PM]<hautdesert> And I still think about Foreigner as an opera, after CF's thread
[12:49 PM]<hautdesert> Or shakespeare, for that matter.
[12:50 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I'd actually like to show Les Mis.
[12:50 PM]<EupathicImpulse> In the Shejidan Machimi Theatre.
[12:50 PM]<Shoka> Its been fine and dry all day here, but somebody said hail, and it promptly clouded over.
[12:50 PM]<hautdesert> Eveyr time I hear Boris Godunof's coronatino scene, I think of atevi. All that bass.
[12:50 PM]<CKTC> I think Shakespeare would go over well. And iambic pentameter is most felicitous.
[12:50 PM]<EupathicImpulse> What if I said "Ave"? Would it Roman over?
[12:50 PM]<hautdesert> Heh.
[12:50 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Hahaha, Latin joke.
[12:50 PM]<hautdesert> very funny.
[12:50 PM]<EupathicImpulse> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
[12:51 PM]<CKTC> ?
[12:51 PM]<Shoka> whirr click thunk even Shoka gets that one , i slowly:-)
[12:51 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Ave = "hail!" in Latin.
[12:51 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Like Ave Maria.
[12:52 PM]<EupathicImpulse> (Hail Mary)
[12:52 PM]<CKTC> Oh!
[12:52 PM]<CKTC> Shoulda paid more attention in religion class when I was a kid, I guess.
[12:52 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Ave atque vale. Hail and farewell.
[12:52 PM]<Shoka> Whyever CK?
[12:52 PM]<CKTC> So that I'd get that joke?
[12:52 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Your life is a waste!
[12:52 PM]<EupathicImpulse> You must go back and rearrange it so that you can get that joke!
[12:53 PM]<Shoka> About the only good reason I can think of for paying attention .
[12:53 PM]<CKTC> What have I been thinking all this time! Woe is me!
[12:53 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Your whole life has been building up to this moment...
[12:53 PM]<CKTC> And it crashed and burned!
[12:53 PM]<EupathicImpulse> ...and you squandered it! You squandered it!
[12:53 PM]<CKTC> The horror....
[12:53 PM]<CKTC> LOL
[12:53 PM]<hautdesert> hang your head in shame, ck
[12:53 PM]<CKTC> *Hangs head in shame.*
[12:53 PM]<EupathicImpulse> And all for just a little bit of extra attention in class.
[12:53 PM]<CKTC> *Smacks forehead for good measure.*
[12:53 PM]<CKTC> Bad CK....
[12:54 PM]<Shoka> Nah give em two fingers CK, it was a lame pun at best
[12:54 PM]<hautdesert> redundant, shoka.
[12:54 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Lame puns are the best puns.
[12:54 PM]<EupathicImpulse> The lamer the better.
[12:54 PM]<CKTC> Gives the world a rude pair of bunny ears.
[12:54 PM]<Hawklady> Poor CK - don't let them all have a go at you
[12:54 PM]<CKTC> LOL, thanks Hawklady. It's nice to know somebody cares!
[12:54 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Awww. Poor CK.
[12:55 PM]<Hawklady> Of course we do
[12:55 PM]<CKTC> Heh. Fishin' for sympathy always works!
[12:55 PM]<hautdesert> our man'chi is to you, aiji-ma!
[12:55 PM]<Shoka> Deeply Aiji-ma
[12:55 PM]<CKTC> :D
[12:55 PM]* bows
[12:55 PM]* bows.
[12:55 PM]<CKTC> Woohoo!
[12:55 PM]<Shoka> Shoka bows
[12:55 PM]* bows even lower than EI and ansi, and falls over
[12:55 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Despite the fact that I am a Lylmik.
[12:55 PM]<CKTC> Hey, how do you do the actions again? I keep forgetting.
[12:55 PM]<Hawklady> Hawklady would curtsey, but the zimmer won't allow it!
[12:55 PM]<EupathicImpulse> And therefore don't have enough substance to bow.
[12:56 PM]<Ansikalden> Slash me
[12:56 PM]<EupathicImpulse> You use /me.
[12:56 PM]* bows.
[12:56 PM]<Shoka> Eee where is Susan
[12:56 PM]<CKTC> Woohoo!
[12:56 PM]* wonders the same thing. Where is Susan-ji?
[12:56 PM]<hautdesert> I just emailed her. She usually visits her mother SAturday afternoons, but she has email there.
[12:56 PM]<Shoka> /me
[12:56 PM]<CKTC> Ah, okay.
[12:56 PM]<Shoka> Now what
[12:57 PM]<CKTC> Now we sit and eat green pizza for a while.
[12:57 PM]<hautdesert> pizza. I'm hungry.
[12:57 PM]<Ansikalden> A small slice then
[12:57 PM]* passes the pizza around.
[12:57 PM]<Hawklady> Oh good
[12:57 PM]<hautdesert> I still want to make green pizza for real, but I don't hink my family would eat it.
[12:57 PM]TacticoStormwind has joined
[12:57 PM]<CKTC> I'd eat it!
[12:57 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I'm back
[12:57 PM]<CKTC> Hey, Tac!
[12:57 PM]<hautdesert> Hi, TAc!
[12:57 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Plans changed so I have a lil more extra time to talk to you guys
[12:58 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Hmm. Tkabber is barfing in the same location in the code.
[12:58 PM]<hautdesert> I think Saag, canned from the store, would make a good "spicy and sour" green sauce.
[12:58 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It's basically the same barf. I bet if I tried I can fix it, but likely someone has already done so.
[12:58 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Heheh and looks like the subject is still the same
[12:58 PM]<CKTC> Cool. I saw you were on earlier, but I wasn't at my computer.
[12:58 PM]<EupathicImpulse> How about just pesto?
[12:58 PM]<hautdesert> It looks like it barfs whenever someoen joins.
[12:58 PM]<CKTC> We're talking about green pizza at the moment.
[12:58 PM]<CKTC> I bet it's tasty.
[12:58 PM]<hautdesert> Pesto would be green, but not sour and spicy, as described in Invader.
[12:58 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Yes, it does. There were a couple of other barfities.
[12:58 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Ah, alright
[12:58 PM]<CKTC> Barfishness?
[12:59 PM]<CKTC> Barfocity?
[12:59 PM]<CKTC> Barfation?
[12:59 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I should remember that one. Barfocity.
[12:59 PM]<CKTC> Barf-o-rama.
[12:59 PM]<hautdesert> Welcome to beautiful Barfo City!
[12:59 PM]<EupathicImpulse> You beat me to it.
[12:59 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It's like Scantron, NY.
[12:59 PM]<CKTC> LOL
[12:59 PM]* puzzles
[12:59 PM]<Shoka> No EI is using this session to debug tkjabber or something
[12:59 PM]<hautdesert> He's got linux.
[12:59 PM]<CKTC> Poor Ansi!
[12:59 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Scantron being those awful machines they used to take attendance in high school.
[1:00 PM]<EupathicImpulse> And mark multiple-choice tests.
[1:00 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I dunno when I'll ever take a road trip through the US again...OTOH, there's a finite chance I may end up in Baltimore for two weeks in July.
[1:00 PM]<CKTC> Where are you from again, EI?
[1:00 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Canada.
[1:00 PM]<CKTC> Oh! Okay.
[1:00 PM]<hautdesert> Baltimore--I think CHo may be in the area, and Dramlza.
[1:01 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Ich wünsche, daß ich Deutsches wirklich sprechen könnte.
[1:01 PM]<Hawklady> I'm just as confused as you Ansi - probably a lot more, actually
[1:01 PM]<hautdesert> Mein Deutch ist nict so gut.
[1:01 PM]<CKTC> No prob, Hawklady and Ansi. Most of us are confused at one point or another. It's typical here.
[1:01 PM]<hautdesert> nicht.
[1:01 PM]<CKTC> Ni!
[1:01 PM]<Ansikalden> Danke
[1:01 PM]<CKTC> Knights who say NI!
[1:01 PM]<sabina> I've seen worse German
[1:01 PM]<hautdesert> I know a little German!
[1:01 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Ich kann auch deutsch, sondern ich habe nicht seit fu:nf Jahren deutsch gebraucht.
[1:02 PM]<hautdesert> He's sitting over there.
[1:02 PM]<CKTC> No hablo...uh, German.
[1:02 PM]<hautdesert> Me, either, EI. I took two semesters in college, ant that was awhile ago.
[1:02 PM]<Shoka> as in - Das Machnen is nict frer verken by das dumkofen -
[1:02 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I took four years of German, but two were wasted. Terrible teacher, nice lady though.
[1:02 PM]<hautdesert> I had a professor who jumped on tables and threw things.
[1:02 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Ich benutze gerade einen Übersetzer
[1:02 PM]<CKTC> Oh my.
[1:02 PM]<hautdesert> Das ist die Creide! Wiederhollen Sie!
[1:02 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I bet if I went to Germany I could pick it up really quickly though.
[1:03 PM]* cries
[1:03 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Too fast for me to copy and paste everything!!
[1:03 PM]<CKTC> I'm logging this chat.
[1:03 PM]<sabina> Tactico which one are you using
[1:03 PM]<hautdesert> You'll notice I still remember the word for chalk. The adrenaline rush fix it permanently in my brain.
[1:03 PM]<TacticoStormwind> The one on Google
[1:03 PM]<EupathicImpulse> My first two years of German were with a psycho teacher, but he was at least good at it. Or passable.
[1:03 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It's possible for a teacher to be too nice.
[1:03 PM]<CKTC> Oh. I'm an eedjit.
[1:03 PM]<EupathicImpulse> My second two years of German were too nice.
[1:04 PM]<sabina> Must try that sometime, it seems to work pretty well
[1:04 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Two nice meant that the class took advantage of her and never learned anything.
[1:04 PM]<hautdesert> Not cool.
[1:04 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Those of us who wanted to learn were pretty powerless.
[1:05 PM]* has changed the subject to: Barfocity
[1:05 PM]<EupathicImpulse> One girl dropped out of the class and took it elsewhere on the weekends.
[1:05 PM]<hautdesert> Welcome to beautiful....oh, sorry. got carried away.
[1:05 PM]<CKTC> I haven't taken a language class in ages.
[1:05 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I haven't either. Lots of linguistics classes though.
[1:05 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Syntactic theory, mmm.
[1:05 PM]<hautdesert> I tried to take a latin clas a few years ago, but it was cancelled. :(
[1:06 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I taught myself some Latin.
[1:06 PM]<CKTC> Haven't taken a linguistic class in 10 years. And it was just one intro class. It was interesting though.
[1:06 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Meine Schule bietet nicht eine deutsche Kategorie an und I ist wirklich zu viel eines procrastinator zum separat Erlernen es auf meinem.
[1:06 PM]<hautdesert> I know as much as you get from singing in choirs and just reading generally.
[1:06 PM]<CKTC> The only latin I know is from medical terms.
[1:06 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Whoa...that took my a while to get translated where it makes a little bit of sense
[1:06 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Spence is a linguist, but he's a different kind of linguist.
[1:06 PM]* mute in all language classes
[1:06 PM]<EupathicImpulse> It seems.
[1:06 PM]<CKTC> But Ansi's English is excellent.
[1:06 PM]<EupathicImpulse> More anthropologically focused.
[1:07 PM]<Ansikalden> Ansi's written Englihs
[1:07 PM]<Ansikalden> English
[1:07 PM]<CKTC> Ansi writes English very well.
[1:07 PM]<TacticoStormwind> The only real German I know own my own is "nein" and "du hast mich gefragt"
[1:07 PM]<CKTC> Can't imagine your spoken English being too bad either.
[1:07 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I need to learn to speak French better. My comprehension is quite good, though.
[1:08 PM]<EupathicImpulse> And that's quite a challenge when trying to listen to Quebecois, which is much harder than trying to understand people from Freedomia.
[1:08 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Oh oh and "ich will"
[1:08 PM]<CKTC> Pfan used to speak French. I don't think she does anymore.
[1:08 PM]<Shoka> Ansi wites English well enough that I hadn't noticed that she is not a native English speaker.
[1:08 PM]<sabina> Oh well, Google is just as difficult to work with as Babelfish and that atleast knows Japanese
[1:09 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I used to know alot of Japanese
[1:09 PM]<hautdesert> Ansi probably speaks fine. The last swede I spoke to had excellent english, and was sure she was terrible--because standards in her class were so strict. But she was nearly indistinguishable from a native speaker.
[1:09 PM]<TacticoStormwind> But I stopped using it
[1:09 PM]<CKTC> Both Sabina and Ansi are very good. Yeah, it's not readily apparent that they aren't native speakers.
[1:09 PM]<CKTC> I think both of you have improved over the years as well.
[1:09 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I should go visit Europe one of these days. *sigh*
[1:09 PM]* pleased
[1:09 PM]<CKTC> The only Japanese I know is from watching too much anime.
[1:09 PM]<sabina> Please, never look up any of my older posts
[1:09 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I should actually get around to learning another language
[1:10 PM]<sabina> I'm learning Japanese
[1:10 PM]<hautdesert> yes, you should at least give it a go, Tac.
[1:10 PM]<hautdesert> It's good for you.
[1:10 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I know but I'm super-procrastinator
[1:10 PM]<CKTC> That's cool, Sabina. Jeez, how many languages do you know?
[1:10 PM]<TacticoStormwind> And all my school offers is Spanish which isn't offered to the basic classes (which is what I'm in)
[1:11 PM]<hautdesert> what are basic classes? And why can't you learn spanish if you're in them?
[1:11 PM]<CKTC> My school only offered Spanish and Russian. The Spanish teachers were terrible.
[1:11 PM]* has changed the subject to: Shejidan's super-procrastinators
[1:11 PM]<TacticoStormwind> And Sabina the only Japanese I retained after all these months is Konnichiwa, ogenki desu ka
[1:11 PM]<CKTC> They spoke with heavy midwestern US accents. Ridiculously heavy accents....
[1:11 PM]<hautdesert> My hs only offered spanish and french. I took 4 years of spanish. It was fun. and an easy A.
[1:11 PM]<sabina> German, English, some Japanese (but I still have to learn much) and had six years of Latin
[1:12 PM]<CKTC> Oh yeah, my school offered French too. Doh.
[1:12 PM]<CKTC> Wow, Sabina.
[1:12 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Ok there are Advanced classes (where I really belong) and basic classes. Spanish is only available to Advanced students because my school is a bunch of bastards
[1:12 PM]<sabina> I now did the same thing I did with Foreigner and got a Japanese book which i already have in German
[1:13 PM]<CKTC> Cool.
[1:13 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I chose to take basic classes which turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life at this moment
[1:13 PM]<hautdesert> Oh, yes, big mistake, tac. but you can recover if you give it an effort. Take a few junior college courses, and buckle down in college.
[1:13 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I am above the intellectual level of just about every Advanced student and it is too late for me to move up
[1:14 PM]<EupathicImpulse> French in mandatory in school here.
[1:14 PM]<hautdesert> Hmm, I wonder why....
[1:14 PM]<CKTC> If you go to college, Tac, you can make up for that. It's not too late.
[1:14 PM]<EupathicImpulse> However, the teaching is not very good.
[1:14 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I am although allowed to take Advanced classes next year first and second block (we have 4 blocks a day)
[1:14 PM]<CKTC> Oh, that's good. You can take them next year then.
[1:14 PM]<EupathicImpulse> But most people get enough that they can easily pick it up if they watch French TV or go live in the Gaspe or something.
[1:14 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I'm not going to trade school so that leaves me first two blocks of the day open
[1:15 PM]<TacticoStormwind> And I can do the same my Senior year
[1:15 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I am hoping that Spanish will be offered first or second block. If so I'm going to monopolize on that oppertunity
[1:16 PM]<CKTC> I've pretty much forgotten all the Spanish I learned in school.
[1:16 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Well it's extremely important for me to be bilingual
[1:16 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Air Force Academy won't take me if I don't have a second language
[1:16 PM]<CKTC> I think anyone would benefit from being bilingual. It's a whole 'nother way of thinking.
[1:16 PM]<CKTC> Oh.
[1:17 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Yeah and to say the least, it's my dream college
[1:17 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Chances are I'll never get in
[1:17 PM]<sabina> Whole other way of thinking, I'm thinking more English than German
[1:17 PM]<hautdesert> two words, tac--community college.
[1:17 PM]<CKTC> Gotta chase after your dreams, man. Even if you don't think you'll get in.
[1:17 PM]<Shoka> I can make a stab at reading the menu in Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Having to eat what yo orderis a wonderful feedback learing tool.;-)
[1:18 PM]<hautdesert> get the classes you need (like languages) for not a whole huge chunk of money. They go on your transcirpt, and you look great when you apply to AFA.
[1:18 PM]<CKTC> Yeah, that's a good idea that Haut has.
[1:18 PM]<TacticoStormwind> My Drivers Ed teacher was telling me that next year I could attend a junior/community college while still in High school and knock off some college credits and also take foreign languages
[1:18 PM]<hautdesert> you look hardworking. You look serious.
[1:19 PM]<hautdesert> Yep, listen to your Drivers Ed teacher.
[1:19 PM]<CKTC> That sounds like a good plan.
[1:19 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Are you refering to me when you say "you" haut?
[1:19 PM]<hautdesert> yes, tac.
[1:19 PM]<TacticoStormwind> Ok just checkin
[1:19 PM]<TacticoStormwind> And yeah, I'm going to do whatever it takes
[1:19 PM]<TacticoStormwind> One more thing that I'm going to do to get the AFA to look at me is join the Civil Air Patrol
[1:20 PM]<TacticoStormwind> It's Air Force run
[1:20 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Hmm. Gotta go now.
[1:20 PM]<TacticoStormwind> C-ya EI
[1:20 PM]<EupathicImpulse> I don't know when I'll be back on. I may be.
[1:20 PM]<CKTC> Aw, man. Bye, EI!
[1:20 PM]<hautdesert> by, EI!
[1:20 PM]<CKTC> Have a good day. Thanks for chatting.
[1:20 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Have to move some yard equipment :(
[1:20 PM]* waves.
[1:20 PM]<CKTC> Ack!
[1:20 PM]* waves back.
[1:20 PM]<EupathicImpulse> Bye! Sell! Purchase!
[1:21 PM]* waves
[1:21 PM]<hautdesert> Shoka, I used to work at a restaurant that served escargot. My mother joked once that we never sold any (we didn't, much) because our clientle was educated enough to know what it was!
[1:21 PM]* salutes
[1:21 PM]EupathicImpulse has left
[1:21 PM]<CKTC> I've never had escargot. I once accidentally had turtle soup though. Close enough, if you ask me. It tasted weird.
[1:22 PM]<hautdesert> I'll try a lot, but I've never been brave enough to try escargot.
[1:22 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I've got to go again, I might be back
[1:22 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I'm not sure
[1:22 PM]<TacticoStormwind> I'll talk to you guys later
[1:22 PM]<hautdesert> bye, tac!
[1:22 PM]<CKTC> Okay, see ya, Tac!
[1:22 PM]* salutes
[1:22 PM]* waves
[1:22 PM]* waves
[1:22 PM]TacticoStormwind has left
[1:23 PM]<CKTC> Ho hum.
[1:23 PM]<Ansikalden> /listens to the silence
[1:23 PM]<CKTC> ...
[1:24 PM]* wonders if some caterwhauling might help
[1:24 PM]<CKTC> Reeeeeooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
[1:24 PM]* covers her ears
[1:24 PM]<CKTC> Heh.
[1:24 PM]* folds some more laundry
[1:24 PM]* stops caterwhauling.
[1:24 PM]<CKTC> Laundry, blech.
[1:25 PM]<Ansikalden> Did lots of laundry today
[1:25 PM]<CKTC> I did some yesterday. I'm okay for now.
[1:25 PM]<CKTC> I hate doing laundry.
[1:25 PM]<Ansikalden> Loath doing laundry.
[1:25 PM]<CKTC> Amen to that.
[1:26 PM]<hautdesert> I've got kids--I'm always up to my knees in laundry.
[1:26 PM]<CKTC> Ack!
[1:26 PM]<Hawklady> I did 3 weeks worth of ironong yesterday
[1:26 PM]<hautdesert> Now ironing I won't do. Categorically refuse.
[1:26 PM]<CKTC> Heh! I don't bother ironing. I'll just wear things wrinkly, thanks.
[1:26 PM]<Hawklady> LOL, ironing, that is
[1:27 PM]<CKTC> Stick 'em in the dryer and spin it a bit, and it's fine. Not too wrinkly.
[1:27 PM]<Ansikalden> /considers a wrinkly CK
[1:27 PM]<Hawklady> I only iron SO's stuff for work, he has to look smart
[1:27 PM]* is perpetually wrinkly.
[1:27 PM]* doesn't look smart at all.
[1:27 PM]<Hawklady> Thought that was fur, CK
[1:27 PM]<Ansikalden> Smart fur
[1:27 PM]* never irons his fur either.
[1:28 PM]<Hawklady> I bet its all nice and shiny though
[1:28 PM]* likes looking fashionably disheveled.
[1:28 PM]<Hawklady> That's me too
[1:28 PM]<Shoka> I skipped the escargot, I recognised tose. I tried frogs legs though, which were ok. Cuisses de grenouikllkes if you want to avoid them.
[1:28 PM]<Shoka> Falling behind sorry
[1:29 PM]<hautdesert> heh! my sister and her husband had a deal--each did their own ironing. She would get very upset when he would go to work in wrinkled clotehs, because she was sure it "made her look bad." I told her she can't have it both ways--either she's responsible (and takes credit) and does the work, or she doesn't and lets hubby take responsibility for himself, and not worry about what someone else might think. She's kind of a control freak...
[1:29 PM]<hautdesert> I love frogs legs! sauteed in garlic butter! mmm.....
[1:29 PM]<CKTC> I've had frog legs once. It was weird. Tasted like chicken, but felt like fish.
[1:30 PM]<Hawklady> I don't think I'd like to try them
[1:30 PM]<Shoka> Yeh well googling for the correct spelling tossed me up a few sites to put me off them in future..
[1:30 PM]<Hawklady> That's a definite then
[1:30 PM]<hautdesert> they're like chicken if it were shellfish.
[1:30 PM]<hautdesert> And I love shellfish.
[1:31 PM]<CKTC> Shellfish...mmmm.
[1:31 PM]<CKTC> Selfish for shellfish.
[1:31 PM]<Shoka> Yeh chicken like and rather fussy to eat was my opinion too
[1:31 PM]<hautdesert> I see food and I...
[1:31 PM]<hautdesert> It's the Sea-food diet.
[1:31 PM]<CKTC> Heh.
[1:31 PM]<CKTC> I have a sudden craving for lobster....
[1:31 PM]<hautdesert> or crab!!!
[1:31 PM]<Hawklady> Oh no
[1:31 PM]<CKTC> Mmmm!
[1:32 PM]<hautdesert> I'm hungry. I'm going to have to feed hautfamily soon.
[1:32 PM]<CKTC> Lobster tails, broiled, dipped in melted butter.
[1:32 PM]<hautdesert> Maybe I can get Mr. Haut to get takeout.
[1:32 PM]<hautdesert> No lobster takeout around here, though. :(
[1:32 PM]<Hawklady> go for it haut
[1:32 PM]<CKTC> Heh! No lobster takeout here either. :b
[1:32 PM]<hautdesert> you're evil, ck!
[1:32 PM]<CKTC> WTH? What kinda emoticon is that?
[1:32 PM]<CKTC> EVil? Moi?
[1:32 PM]<hautdesert> it looks llike a colon and a lowercase b, to me.
[1:33 PM]<Hawklady> and me
[1:33 PM]<CKTC> Oh, Exodus is turning it into a weird looking emoticon.
[1:33 PM]<Shoka> You'd like Spain CT, or at least Madid. Sea food bars, fresh seafood at all hours
[1:33 PM]<Hawklady> Yuk
[1:33 PM]<CKTC> Now I'm in the mood for tapas (sp?)
[1:33 PM]<CKTC> Tapas? Tappas?
[1:33 PM]<CKTC> Mmmm!
[1:33 PM]<CKTC> Damn, now I'm just hungry in general.
[1:33 PM]<Shoka> Patatas ali-oli
[1:34 PM]<CKTC> Or what about Lebanese food? Mmmm.....
[1:34 PM]<CKTC> Or Greek...
[1:34 PM]<CKTC> Or Indian....
[1:34 PM]<Hawklady> Greek's nice
[1:34 PM]* drools uncontrollably.
[1:34 PM]* or Japanese...
[1:34 PM]<Hawklady> Indian's nice too
[1:34 PM]<CKTC> oops. Not an action!
[1:34 PM]<CKTC> Mmmm.
[1:34 PM]<CKTC> Yaki Soba...
[1:35 PM]<CKTC> Moussaka...
[1:35 PM]* is too full to contemplate so much food
[1:35 PM]* drool....
[1:35 PM]<CKTC> Or Chinese...
[1:35 PM]* just ate Chinese
[1:35 PM]<hautdesert> not much indian here....we've got al ebanese place. lots of thai and vietnamese here, though. yum.
[1:35 PM]<CKTC> Mmm...
[1:36 PM]<CKTC> Dim Sum...
[1:36 PM]<Hawklady> Thai's nice, haven't tried Lebanese
[1:36 PM]<CKTC> Lebanese food is delicious!
[1:36 PM]<CKTC> I love it. It's one of my faves around here.
[1:36 PM]<CKTC> Now I'm in the mood for cold grape leaves.
[1:36 PM]<CKTC> Jeez, this is torture! I'm hungry, dammit!
[1:37 PM]<Hawklady> You only just ate a sandwich!!!
[1:37 PM]<CKTC> So?
[1:37 PM]<CKTC> :)
[1:37 PM]<hautdesert> lebanise is wonderful.
[1:37 PM]<Hawklady> :)
[1:37 PM]<hautdesert> the place here has a specialty--roasted garlic appetizer.
[1:37 PM]<hautdesert> whole roasted garlic.
[1:37 PM]<CKTC> Ack!
[1:37 PM]<hautdesert> mmmm...
[1:37 PM]<CKTC> You can have that then.
[1:37 PM]<hautdesert> It's not as bad as you think. it tastes very good.
[1:37 PM]<CKTC> I'll take the grape leaves.
[1:37 PM]<Hawklady> Sounds OK to me
[1:37 PM]<CKTC> Oh, okay.
[1:37 PM]<hautdesert> Their slogan is "where garlic is king."
[1:37 PM]<CKTC> Hummus...
[1:38 PM]<Hawklady> What are grape leaves - vine leaves?
[1:38 PM]* needs some bicarbonate
[1:38 PM]<sabina> Got to go. (CK I have some bits of the chat before you came)
[1:38 PM]<CKTC> Rice and vegetables wrapped in grape leaves.
[1:38 PM]<CKTC> Okay, thanks, sabina. Could you send them to me? A shame you have to leave. :(
[1:38 PM]<Hawklady> Bye Sabina!
[1:38 PM]<CKTC> Bye Sabina. *CK sniffs sadly.*
[1:38 PM]sabina has left
[1:38 PM]* waves goodbye
[1:39 PM]<Shoka> By Sbina
[1:39 PM]<CKTC> And then there were five...
[1:39 PM]<hautdesert> bye, sabina
[1:39 PM]<CKTC> Paws.
[1:40 PM]<Hawklady> Stop sniffing CK - its unmanly! ;)
[1:40 PM]<hautdesert> heh! mr haut's making bacon and eggs. it was hautgirl's idea.
[1:40 PM]<Shoka> And falling fast, I have to be elsewhere soon to CK
[1:40 PM]<Hawklady> Good girl!
[1:40 PM]* blows his nose into a a real manly-like manner...
[1:40 PM]<CKTC> Damn, everyone's gotta go, eh?
[1:40 PM]<Hawklady> That's better!
[1:40 PM]<hautdesert> I'm sitll here! for a bit, anyway.
[1:41 PM]* surreptitiously hides the flower print design on said hanky...
[1:41 PM]<CKTC> Oh good.
[1:41 PM]<Hawklady> I'll have to go soon too, but this has been fun.
[1:41 PM]<Shoka> Bad influance, i can smell that bacon from here ...
[1:41 PM]<hautdesert> Mr haut can only make a few things--bacon and eggs, pancakes, and bbq. so when I don't feel like cooking, it's that or takeout.
[1:41 PM]<CKTC> Mmm. Bacon...
[1:41 PM]<Hawklady> Loverly
[1:41 PM]<CKTC> I love bacon cheese fries.
[1:41 PM]<CKTC> Had some last night as a matter of fact.
[1:41 PM]<Hawklady> Now they sound nice
[1:42 PM]<Shoka> I love bacon and cheese anything almost..
[1:42 PM]<CKTC> Yeah, they're quite tasty. Especially with chili and jalapenos added on.
[1:42 PM]<Hawklady> Can u taste them??
[1:42 PM]<CKTC> Taste what?
[1:42 PM]<Ansikalden> Bacon in braised rolls of beef.
[1:42 PM]<CKTC> Mmm. That sounds good, Ansi.
[1:42 PM]<hautdesert> bacon-gift of the gods!
[1:42 PM]<CKTC> Although I'm not sure what braised means.
[1:43 PM]<Shoka> Must be the transalantic link. Dis you really mean bacon and cheese and Jalapenos?
[1:43 PM]<CKTC> Bacon...sublime.
[1:43 PM]<hautdesert> To cook (meat or vegetables) by browning in fat, then simmering in a small quantity of liquid in a covered container.
[1:43 PM]<CKTC> Yup. Bacon, cheese, chili, and jalapenos on fries. Yum!
[1:43 PM]<Hawklady> Bacon - yes, Cheese - yes, but with jalapenos????
[1:43 PM]<hautdesert> gotta eat that with a fork!
[1:43 PM]<CKTC> It'll give you a heart attack on the spot, but it's so good.
[1:43 PM]<CKTC> Yes! Ja-la-pe-nos.
[1:44 PM]<Shoka> Green burning hot chillis
[1:44 PM]<CKTC> Yeah, definitely with a fork.
[1:44 PM]<CKTC> Yes, but they weren't that hot.
[1:44 PM]<hautdesert> jalapenos aren't, really.
[1:44 PM]<hautdesert> compared to some others...
[1:44 PM]<CKTC> They can't serve really hot peppers in a restaurant anyway.
[1:44 PM]<CKTC> True.
[1:44 PM]<CKTC> I like habaneras better.
[1:44 PM]<CKTC> Yum!
[1:45 PM]<hautdesert> try a jamaican restaurant, ck
[1:45 PM]<Hawklady> They serve jalapenos in Pizza Express
[1:45 PM]<hautdesert> those pepper sauces....
[1:45 PM]<CKTC> Oooh, if only we had jamaican restaurants here. No such luck. But maybe when I move to L.A.
[1:45 PM]<hautdesert> ya movin to la, ck?
[1:45 PM]<CKTC> Yeah. Sometime in July or August.
[1:45 PM]<hautdesert> is that your 1st choice school?
[1:46 PM]<CKTC> Hell yes, by far! *grins*
[1:46 PM]<hautdesert> ucla?
[1:46 PM]<Hawklady> What you going to study?
[1:46 PM]<CKTC> Nope. I'll private message you both...
[1:46 PM]* claps her hands
[1:47 PM]<CKTC> And you too, Ansi and Shoka, if you want to know. But not on the chat that will potentially be posted online.
[1:47 PM]* nods understanding
[1:47 PM]<hautdesert> privacy is important.
[1:48 PM]<CKTC> Yup.
[1:48 PM]<Shoka> I am most pleased for you Aiji-ma. This could not happen to a more deserving candidate.
[1:48 PM]<Hawklady> *Hawklady wonders why Ansi is not speaking*
[1:48 PM]<Hawklady> Thanks 4 the message CK!
[1:48 PM]<CKTC> Shoka, if you or Ansi want to know details, just send me a message.
[1:48 PM]<Hawklady> Congratulations
[1:48 PM]<CKTC> You're welcome.
[1:48 PM]<CKTC> Thanks.
[1:48 PM]* a very quiet person
[1:49 PM]* is matching socks
[1:49 PM]<Shoka> No thanks CK, other than knowing that you got your preferred choice, I have no need to know.
[1:49 PM]<CKTC> Oh, okay, Ansi. :) Quiet is nice.
[1:49 PM]<CKTC> Oh, okay. I have no problem with you two knowing though.
[1:49 PM]<Hawklady> Hawklady wonders how haut matches socks whilst typing
[1:49 PM]<CKTC> Anyway, I'll be moving in a few months, I guess.
[1:50 PM]<CKTC> Haut has four arms.
[1:50 PM]<hautdesert> that's a big move.
[1:50 PM]<hautdesert> I match a few, type a bit.
[1:50 PM]<Shoka> I hear Ohio is nice, will you miss it?
[1:50 PM]<Hawklady> I have a sister in Ohio
[1:51 PM]<CKTC> Ohio? Uh, not really. I've lived here my whole life. I'm getting a little sick of it actually.
[1:51 PM]<hautdesert> nice state--I was born in Ohio.
[1:51 PM]<CKTC> It depends on where in Ohio.
[1:51 PM]<Hawklady> She lives in Broadview Heights
[1:51 PM]<CKTC> I liked my hometown, but I'm feeling a need to wander. I think it's in the blood.
[1:51 PM]<CKTC> I'm not familiar with Broadview Heights, I'm afraid.
[1:51 PM]<hautdesert> My mom is going to be there at the end of may for a cousin's wedding. Not toledo, though, I think--the wedding is in....akron?
[1:51 PM]<Hawklady> I wonder if its a feline type of roaming .......
[1:51 PM]<hautdesert> Not sure. I'm not going. but my family is from toledo.
[1:51 PM]<CKTC> Oh, okay, Akron. Other side of Cleveland.
[1:52 PM]<CKTC> Yeah, I remember you saying that, haut. That was weird!
[1:52 PM]<hautdesert> very weird!
[1:52 PM]<CKTC> My parents moved around a lot when I was younger. So did other relatives. I think my family has a tendency to roam about a bit before settling down.
[1:52 PM]<hautdesert> My grandparents lived less than a mile from where CK went to med school.
[1:52 PM]<CKTC> Heehee!
[1:53 PM]<CKTC> It is strange, indeed. Small world!
[1:53 PM]<Shoka> Gota go now folks, need to travel this evening.
[1:54 PM]<CKTC> Oh, okay. See ya later, Shoka. Safe trip, wherever you're going.
[1:54 PM]<Ansikalden> Bye!
[1:54 PM]<CKTC> Bye!
[1:54 PM]<Hawklady> Sorry folks, I have to go, much as I'd rather stay here and chat for a while
[1:54 PM]<CKTC> Aw, okay. Bye, Hawklady!
[1:54 PM]<Shoka> Bye Ansi, Ck, Hautlady Hawklady
[1:54 PM]* waves to Hawklady
[1:54 PM]* waves to Shoka and Hawklady.
[1:55 PM]* waves to Ansi and Haut for the heckuvit.
[1:55 PM]* waves to himself for sheer fun.
[1:55 PM]<Hawklady> *sniffs (very unlady-like) into a manly checked handkerchief* - Bye folks, thanks for the chat.
[1:55 PM]Shoka has left
[1:55 PM]<CKTC> Thanks for coming, Hawklady! Bye!
[1:55 PM]Hawklady has left
[1:55 PM]<CKTC> And then there were three...
[1:56 PM]<CKTC> Alas...
[1:56 PM]* plays with belly button lint...
[1:56 PM]* resists the temptation to tread all over haut's laundry.
[1:56 PM]* wonders what Sweden is like this time of year.
[1:56 PM]<hautdesert> and I have to go soon, too. The bacon is nearly ready.
[1:57 PM]* looks at the clock
[1:57 PM]* looks at the clock and frowns at it.
[1:57 PM]* sighs sadly
[1:57 PM]* wonders why Ansi is sighing.
[1:57 PM]<hautdesert> well, it was supposed to go from 11-1 (12-2 boaed rime, right?"
[1:57 PM]* is going to run away now...
[1:58 PM]<CKTC> Yup. It's usually around 2 hours. Actually, from 11-1 board time, 12 - 2 my time.
[1:58 PM]<hautdesert> now that was some award winning typing.
[1:58 PM]<CKTC> Run away?
[1:58 PM]<CKTC> Heehee!
[1:58 PM]* runs
[1:58 PM]* waves from the distance
[1:58 PM]<CKTC> Is Ansi going then?
[1:59 PM]* mopes.
[1:59 PM]<Ansikalden> See you, CK and Haut
[1:59 PM]<hautdesert> I don't know, she's so far away...
[1:59 PM]<Ansikalden> Let's chat again soon
[1:59 PM]<hautdesert> yes, it's always a good time!
[1:59 PM]<CKTC> Aww, okay. So you gotta go? Yes, sometime soon, hopefully. Bye, Ansi!
[1:59 PM]<Ansikalden> Bye!
[1:59 PM]* waves to Sweden.
[1:59 PM]<hautdesert> gotta to get the luandry off the table...
[1:59 PM]Ansikalden has left
[1:59 PM]<hautdesert> that's quite a wave, there.
[1:59 PM]<CKTC> Okay. Well, I guess that's that!
[1:59 PM]<CKTC> You going too, haut?
[1:59 PM]<hautdesert> yep. good time, thoguh. gotta do it again. Yeah, I have to go.
[1:59 PM]<CKTC> Laundry calls, eh?
[2:00 PM]* waves forlornly
[2:00 PM]<hautdesert> lunch.
[2:00 PM]<CKTC> Yeah. Definitely. See you then, haut. Take care!
[2:00 PM]<hautdesert> bye!
[2:00 PM]<CKTC> Bye!
[2:00 PM]hautdesert has left
[2:00 PM]<CKTC> And then there was one....
[2:00 PM]* winks out.