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A Journal for and by the Readers of C.J. Cherryh
Number One, August 2002
Editor: Kelanth56
Designer:  CKTC
This is where those who read and enjoy the works of C.J. Cherryh are invited to gather, share ideas in the forms of article, letter, poem and artwork, and in general have fun celebrating the fine mind that gave us the atevi and several other characters both alien and human. While Ribbons is primarily a vehicle for discussion of the Foreigner universe, submissions on topics referring to CJC's other books are also welcome. As far as the Editor knows, this is the only journal of its kind for discussion on the works of CJC, so being inclusive at the beginning should encourage the submission of a variety of interesting material.

Please send all text submissions to the Editor at as text attachments, with "For Ribbons" somewhere in the subject line. For now, please keep the article to around 800 words, and the poems to 75 lines or less. The items in this first issue may violate those guidelines, but they were all I received before the deadline. <g> Please send text that is correctly spelled, employs logic and common sense, and has no bugs. Letters in response to this journal are also welcome, but no flames will be tolerated. Humor is encouraged.

Without exception, fiction using CJC's characters will not be accepted for publication in Ribbons.

Ribbons has an intended publication schedule of at least three times a year. Depending on the level of submissions, that may increase. The next editorial deadline for text submissions is November 15, 2002.

All art submissions should go to the Designer at Query the Designer for acceptable formats and transmission methods.

This is TropicSF Publication Number One. All materials are copyrighted for one-time electronic use, and the rights for said materials remain with their originators. Reprint rights must be obtained from the originators (writers, artists, designers).

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In This Issue:

Two Poems
---Sabina Betschke

"What I tell you three times is true"
(with the usual apologies)
---The Mule

Silicon '90 Convention Report
---Bret Grandrath