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Finity's End Had Come Back to Pell
by Sabina

Curious news that arrival of "Finity's End" is, especially since the oldest and most powerful of the merchanter ships is going back to trade after years of hunting the pirate Mazian. Pell's stationmaster Elene Quen sees her time come to resurrect the Quen merchanter clan and get a new merchanter ship build, but there are other problems to be faced: Union is encroaching on Alliance territory building merchanter ships tarned as warships, also there is the black market supporting Mazian who is still a real threat to current status quo between Earth, Alliance and Union, yet before these problems can be solved there is the matter of Fletcher Neihart. 

The seventeen years old boy was born on Downbelow Station, but he is a citizen of Finity's End and subject of no few lawsuits, Downbelow wanting money for the care his mother got and not letting the boy go onto a ship always in danger of getting destroyed. His mother having died of an overdose of jump drug was not a role model and so Fletcher got to six foster families without ever really fitting in, but finally having found a place on Pell working with the alien and peaceful hisa. Now all his dreams come tumbling down, because he is part of a deal that shall establish a lasting peace in a world still recovering from the last war. Having run away and held the ship up for five days Fletcher and his attitude are no easy package on a ship where nobody is the age they seem. Partnered with twelve year old looking Jeremy who is really his older cousin Fletcher again doesn't fit in.

"Finity's End" is set in the Alliance - Union universe about ten years after the events in "Downbelow Station". There are many story levels involved, like Fletcher's trouble finding his place in the world and the try to establish a for everyone profitable peace. One sees the hard time Finity's End has, having lost many crew members, family members and no new children born for almost eighteen years.  One also sees how the junior levels aboard the ship works and their customs. It is an interesting book furthering one's knowledge and understanding of the Alliance - Union universe and its inhabitants.