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Ribbons: A CJC E-zine
Three-time Hugo Award-winning author C.J. Cherryh has written over 50 books since 1976. She is known for her ability to create believable worlds and rich complex characters. She possesses an incredible versatility with novels ranging from small, intimate, character-driven tales to galaxy-wide epics that span multiple generations; from pre-Christian Russia to space exploration; from high fantasy to explorative science fiction. This site was created so that her fans could shamelessly fawn over her like idiots .

The name Shejidan comes from her Foreigner universe novels.  They feature an alien race called the Atevi.  Shejidan (pronounced: SHEH zhee dahn) is the capitol of the Western Association, the largest "nation" of the atevi. The atevi are an species whose loyalties center on individuals, not geographical borders, and whose laws sanction registered assassination as a means to keep the peace. They do not experience  the same emotions as humans. They are of a species "which has fourteen words for betrayal and not a single word for love".  They are, not surprisingly, the favorite species of this webmaster and of several regulars at the message boards.

Whatever your favorite CJC series happens to be, you'll hopefully enjoy your stay here.  Feel free to chat with us at the message board.  Newbies are always welcome, and the tea is always safe.

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