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  • CHERRYH.COM   CJC's official website, maintained by the author herself. The definitive word on her works. Filled with tons of info and the most recent news on her activities. Frequently updated. Everyone should visit this site. Go now!
  • THE ART OF MICHAEL WHELAN   Award-winning artist Michael Whelan has done the artwork for many of Cherryh's covers. He has also provided cover art for Isaac Asimov, Piers Anthony, Stephen King, C.S. Friedman, Robin Hobb, Anne McCaffrey, and many others.
  • JANE'S COM NET   Author and artist Jane Fancher's official site.  Contains her artwork on the Gate of Ivrel graphic novel as well as information on her novels.
  • DON MAITZ: OFFICIAL WEBSITE   Artist Don Maitz has done several of Cherryh's sci-fi covers, including Rimrunners and the the 3-volume version of Cyteen.  There is a ton of nice, relatively large-sized, artwork featured on this site. 
  • DAW BOOKS   They publish quite a few of Ms. Cherryh's books including the latest Foreigner titles. The newsletter occasionally has some info on upcoming Cherryh books.
  • MEETPOINT STATION   An Unofficial Cherryh page with extensive content and interesting Cherryh discussions.
  • SOL STATION   A unique and interesting CJC site with a very cool CJC star map and many other links.
  • THORN'S ISTRA STATION   Dedicated to the Alliance-Union universe.  This site focuses more on the scientific and technical aspects of Cherryh's writing. Certain parts of it are in German.
  • SHEJIDAN.NET're already here. 
  • CJC @ AMAZON.COM   Spotlight reviews and ratings by customers who purchased CJC books.
  • ISFDB: CJC BIBLIOGRAPHY SUMMARY   A comprehensive list with links to external review sites.
  • CJC @ DANCING BADGER.COM  Gives concise summaries of some of Cherryh's major works as well as convenient links to pages for each novel. 
  • CJC @ FANTASTICFICTION.CO.UK   A list with pictures of book covers and a list of CJC's various award nominations.
  • ROVER IN CHERRYH SPACE   This is so damn cool, I'm not sure I could do it justice with a description.  This site, , contains a lot of other cool artwork.  Worth exploring.
  • ELFWOOD: CHERRYH SEARCH (FANTASY)   Orien Aswydd seems to be a popular choice for fanart.
  • ELFWOOD: CHERRYH SEARCH (SCI-FI)   Not as many pictures here as in the Lothlorien section.
  • C.J. CHERRYH SF TIMELINE   I found this Alliance-Union timeline to be helpful.  Listed by book title.
  • UNION-ALLIANCE TIMELINE   This one is listed by year and event.  Good if you've read several of the Alliance-Union universe books.
  • RIBBONS: A C.J. CHERRYH JOURNAL   Essays, poems, and con reps. This e-zine is hosted by my site, but Kelanth56 is the editor. Writing and illustration contributions are always welcome. 
  • LITERARY REVIEW:  C.J. CHERRYH'S FICTION   A very interesting article by Burton Raffel. 
  • CJC: GUEST OF HONOR @ BUCCONEER.WORLDCON.ORG   Woohoo!  Read on for more gushing praise of Ms. Cherryh's talents in this piece written by novelist Jane Fancher.
  • AMAZON.COM TALKS TO C.J. CHERRYH   It's short, but hey, it's with the Goddess.
  • CJC INTERVIEW @ SFFWORLD.COM   A meatier interview than the one at
  • FESTIVALE ASKS CJC THE USUAL QUESTIONS   An interview with a bonus picture of coffee.
  • MILITARY COMMAND IN WOMEN'S SCI-FI   Thanks to sevenall for the link to this interesting essay on Signy Mallory and other strong female characters in sci-fi.
  • GOING NATIVE: THE HUMAN AS OTHER IN SELECTED WORKS OF C.J. CHERRYH A fascinating article by J.G. Stinson at .
  • CHERRYH BOOKS   A Yahoo! Groups mailing list.
  • CHERRYH LIST   A Meetpoint mailing list. (I'm not sure if this is currently active.)
  • SHEJIDAN: A CHERRYH PIT   I may be a bit biased, I admit, but I love this board.  'Cause it's mine!  Come say hello!
  • CJC BOARD @ ALLSCIFI.COM   An excellent Cherryh message board with intelligent discussions and book reviews. I admit I've lurked on occasion.
  • CJC GROUP AT ICQ.COM   I have no idea how active this is.  Found it while surfing the web.  So far, there are 5 members.
  • BABEL TEXT IN THE KIFFISH TONGUE   For those who are interested in linguistics.
  • BABEL TEXT IN THE HANI LANGUAGE   Another section in Spence Hill's Constructed Languages pages.
  • ALIEN INTERFACE CJC WEBRING   My webring.  Interested in joining? Click here .
  • FOREIGNER THOUGHT FOR THE DAY   Your daily Foreigner fix, compliments of hautdesert.
  • WHICH CJC CHARACTER ARE YOU?   A very cool CJC quiz at
  • LOCUS ONLINE   Just like it sounds.  Locus magazine online.
  • ALPHA RALPHA BOULEVARD   Sci-fi and fantasy bibliographies.