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Saturday, May 17, 2003

A new fan art picture of Morgaine by Lady Marguerida. Woohoo!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been extremely busy. I'll hopefully have some more time for proper updates soon. I'm finishing up my medical residency, so hopefully, after I'm done, I'll be able to do more with this site.

CKTC || 6:39:04 PM ||

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The transcript from the May 10 chat has been posted! Click on the Chat Archives link if you're interested.

CKTC || 9:07:40 PM ||

Monday, April 07, 2003

Ack! Sorry about the error in the previous post. Anyway, as I said, click here to read about Haut and Dramliza's trip.

CKTC || 10:20:37 PM ||

Finally! An update with substance! Hautdesert and Dramliza attended MidSouthCon last weekend, and they've been kind enough to share their experience with those of us who weren't able to go. They got to speak with Ms. Cherryh herself! And they took plenty of pictures and even shared some sound files of Ms. Cherryh pronouncing some of her character's names. Very informative and fun look at the con! CKTC || 10:16:54 PM ||

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Quick Updates

A note from Kelanth56. The deadline for the next Ribbons issue (due out in May 2003) is April 25, 2003. Please send all text submissions to Kelanth and image submissions to me. You can find our e-mails on the main Ribbons page. Thanks to all who've submitted pieces in the past. And I encourage folks to send in their creations for the next issue!

I know there haven't been too many updates to this site right now, but I'm in the middle of some busy times at work lately, so I haven't felt like working on the site much. I will do some updates when I have more time! In the meantime, the message board is as active as ever.... (hint hint). Heh.

CKTC || 10:37:06 PM ||

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Ribbons & a Big Move

First, the new edition of the CJC e-zine Ribbons is up. Thanks again to Kelanth, the editor, and to all the contributors of this issue.

Second, we're moving to a new URL, This tripod URL will work for a while longer, but I'm in the process of moving everything over to I'll hopefully be able to keep the URL as well, but I'm a bit confused as to how to transfer everything over. Ack! Heh. Anyway, please change your bookmarks over to Thanks!

CKTC || 4:19:25 PM ||

Thursday, November 21, 2002

A Temporary Lull

I haven't updated this site in a while. I apologize. Real life is getting in the way, and I have some deadlines due the end of this month. I plan on doing some major revisions in December/January though. Woohoo!

I'm sure you folks are either in the throes of reading Explorer, or you've already finished it. (Woohoo!) We're discussing at the forums, so feel free to drop by. Let's see, what else....Several members of the forums are participating in NaNoWriMo right now. That's been an interesting experience.

Not much news otherwise. Just gotta start waiting for the 7th (felicitous 7!) book in the Foreigner series. Who knows when it's coming out? It'll be worth the wait though, I'm sure.

CKTC || 8:14:08 PM ||

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

News Bits

Today we welcome our 500th member at the message board. Woohoo! Warm welcome to all the newbies. And the rest of you lurkers out there, now's the best time to unlurk, with Explorer set to hit the shelves soon. You don't have to register, but it's free if you do.

As for Explorer, the word so far (from those fortunate few in the know) is that it's one heckuva read. For the rest of us, we'll have to wait in tortured frenzy until the 5th. I think I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it.

The Shejidan chat was quite successful. A partial transcript has been posted at the Perplexed forum at the board. The whole transcript (or as much as we have of it) will hopefully be available soon.

Finally, the next deadline for Ribbons, the CJC journal, is coming up on November 15th. So if you have any articles, poetry, editorials, etc., that you'd like to share about CJC or her books, please send your written submissions to kelanth at and picture submissions to me at Thanks!

CKTC || 5:34:17 PM ||

Monday, October 07, 2002

The Agony of Waiting

Well, if you're like the rest of us, the wait for Explorer is probably killing you. Care to guess what it's going to be about? Come discuss your theories with us at our forums (specifically, at The Cherryh Grove). And if you're really a masochist, you can read hautdeserts' very cruel posts. (You'll see what I mean when you read them. Start with the Explorer Proof thread and then move on to the Oh Frabjous Day thread.)

Another reminder. This weekend is the Shejidan Live Chat. Sunday from 2PM-4PM EST (board time). You need Jabber Instant Messaging in order to chat. Further information can be found at the board.

Voting is closed on next year's titles for the monthly book club. I will have the official list posted shortly. Meanwhile, this month's book for discussion is Piers Anthony's On a Pale Horse. As usual, newbies are most welcome.

Finally, the next deadline for contributions to Ribbons, an on-line Cherryh magazine, is in November. If you wish to contribute, now's the time to start writing! And contributions to the fan art / downloads section of this site are always welcome. (Hint hint.)

CKTC || 11:01:15 AM ||

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Shejidan Live Chat

Seeing as most of us couldn't make it to the UK get-together, we'll have to settle for the next best thing: a live chat session with all the regulars. Woohoo! There are 2 Shejidan Live Chats scheduled. The first will be on Sunday, October 13th and the second on Saturday, December 7th. Both chats will start at 2 PM EST (forum time). We are using Jabber for the chat, so those who wish to join will have to download it. For more information, please click here. As always, newbies are welcome!

It's still not too late to help us choose next year's book club titles. Drop by the forums and help us vote, eh?

CKTC || 6:24:50 PM ||

Friday, September 06, 2002

Next Year's Book Club Selections

The selection process for next year's book club titles is underway. Join us at the forums and suggest some cool books, if you'd like! (Click here.) We choose 6 CJC books and 6 books by other authors, and we discuss one book per month at the forums. As always, newbies are welcome!

CKTC || 10:09:10 PM ||

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Puns & Punting
The first-ever Shejidan UK Get-Together occured over the last weekend on a bright Saturday morning in Cambridge. According to preliminary reports, a fun time was had by all! Read Creature Feature's account of their day (the short version now--she's promised us a longer one later, woohoo!), and read how the non-UK forum regulars moped, green with envy and rather annoyed by the Brits' unseemly gloating!

In other news, submissions for the next issue of Ribbons are being accepted. Rules for submission are listed on the first page of the current issue. And as usual, submissions for the Fan Art and Downloads section of this website are more than welcome.

Finally, we are currently discussing Cyteen at the book club (at our forums). We welcome any newbies and lurkers to join in. We're also choosing next year's list of books to read, so if you have a recommendation, feel free to post it here.

CKTC || 4:50:40 PM ||

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Ribbons: A Journal for and by the Readers of C.J. Cherryh

Yup, the first issue is now online. Thanks to all those who contributed submissions, and special thanks to the Editor of Ribbons, Kelanth56, for all her work. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. (And so are submissions for the next issue! Heh.) The URL is

CKTC || 11:11:26 PM ||

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Generic Site Update

The submission deadline for Ribbons is today. Thanks to all who submitted their writings/artwork. Your contributions are appreciated. And speaking of artwork, Lady Marguerida is the newest CJC fan to have a page in the fanart section. Woohoo!

CKTC || 10:33:10 PM ||

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Shejidan UK Get-Together

For those of you who visit/lurk at the message board, the first ever Shejidan UK Get-Together is taking place on 31 August 2002 in Cambridge. It'll be a great chance to meet some of the regulars at the board and discuss Cherryh (among other things, of course.) So, if you live in the UK (or close enough to it) and are interested, you can send a private message via ezboards to forum moderator, Azral, or you can post a message here. (This makes me wish I lived in the UK!)

CKTC || 10:42:21 PM ||

Friday, August 02, 2002

Events Calendar

I've started an events calendar over at the forum for birthdays, chats, etc. If you have an event you want posted, please feel free to add it.

CKTC || 10:00:57 PM ||

Cherryh autographs

From Thursday August 29, till Monday September, 2 2002 the WorldCon will take place in San José, California, since this year is also DAW´s 30th birthday they´ll grab there authors and do a mass autographing on Sunday 2:30pm till 4:00pm, following authors will be present C.J. Cherryh; Emily Drake; Jane Fancher; Charles Ingrid; Jody Lee (artist); Frederik Pohl; Irene Radford; Melanie Rawn; Jennifer Roberson; Deborah J. Ross; Michelle Sagara West; & Tad Williams.

For more information about WorldCon got to>

Sabina || 1:11:03 PM ||

Cherryh autographs

From Thursday August 29, till Monday September, 2 2002 the WorldCon will take place in San José, California, since this year is also DAW´s 30th birthday they´ll grab there authors and do a mass autographing on Sunday 2:30pm till 4:00pm, following authors will be present C.J. Cherryh; Emily Drake; Jane Fancher; Charles Ingrid; Jody Lee (artist); Frederik Pohl; Irene Radford; Melanie Rawn; Jennifer Roberson; Deborah J. Ross; Michelle Sagara West; & Tad Williams.

For more information about WorldCon got to Sabina || 1:09:04 PM ||

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Monthly Book Club

A reminder: August's book is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Read this book and join us in our discussions at the forums (click on Babbling Books) throughout the month! We welcome new members. (Free virtual-cup of alkali-free tea for anyone who joins.)

CKTC || 11:44:04 PM ||


Submissions to "Ribbons", a Foreigner fanzine, are due on August 15, 2002. Kelanth is the editor of this project. Here is a re-post of her call for submissions:

" .....and to facilitate the process, please send submissions marked in the subject line 'For Ribbons' to me at Anything else not intended for _Ribbons_, please put 'Shejidan' somewhere in the subject line.

"Those who choose to write articles are free to pick their own topics, though in the interest of preventing duplication it might be wise to announce one's intent here before writing an article. I'd like to start with a 1,000-word limit per article, because I have to draw the line somewhere. Any artists are also encouraged to ponder submitting art, or at least letting me know they're interested in providing some art for the journal. I'm thinking of simple line art, not the very fancy kind with which the Shejidan site is graced.

"Poetry? Well, why not?

"In order to strive for a level of quality, if I am editing this journal, I reserve the right to ask for revisions. Writers have the right to refuse, whereupon I have the right to turn down their submission. Since I would rather publish than reject, please keep in mind that while this is supposed to be fun, the non-poetry works submitted should also be grammatically correct and logically presented. This is what English Composition classes were meant for, but your teachers never realized it. Amaze me.

"Poets are asked to keep their works to 20 lines or less. Image is key in poetry, as is the fresh way of describing something. Startle me, but spell the words right.

"I await your responses."

CKTC || 11:41:10 PM ||